Training At Work

If you feel the customer service is not what it should be, then you can use call recording as a basis of training, using different conversations which represent the different scenarios your staff will encounter on a day to day basis.

This has been used as a basis of staff training by many firms, especially customer service departments which see a high call rate.

Call Recording Software

There is a number of call recording software packages on the market, and many companies offer some form of call recording service, and this is a good starting point for staff assessment. It is not just the individual however that should be gauged from a customer service sales lead conversion stand point.

Larger organisations may want to gauge the performance of their various departments in addition to the individuals which comprise them. Most companies break down the data in the following way.

How many times a phone rung before being answered?

· What sales conversions did the department make as a ratio of calls received? Example, a company receives 21 calls per day and makes 7 sales, giving the department a rating of 33% sale rate or 1 in 3 calls led to a sale.

· Which departments have the best sales conversion rate?

· Which departments are following up sales leads and which are letting them slide?

· How many phone calls a department made?

The better call recording companies will offer this capability as well as simply recording telephone conversations of their individual staff members, together with phone call tracking.

With departmental and individual sales techniques available for analysis, the call recording software becomes an invaluable employee performance management tool