With the development of the internet it has made finding things, companies and people a lot easier. Going back to the days before the internet when directories and BT information was heavily used, the internet has made research a lot easier.

However it is still difficult as the internet is such a vast network of people, companies, news sites, information portals etc. Finding something specific is actually not as easy as we would all hope, as search engines try to pick up on every word that is typed into a search bar – making the results muddled and often time consuming to sift through.

In the UK there are 100’s of sales training companies ranging from small training companies that will come into your offices and train your staff on your own site, to larger sales training companies that will run a course in a hotel or conference centre. Typically the larger companies run ‘open’ courses – which are open to anyone wiling to turn up and pay the day rate for the course.

Costs of sales training courses do vary from training company to training company but typical costs are around 600 per day per attendee.

Finding a course should not be too difficult as training companies do have a wide variety of courses they run from negociation skills, cold calling, team building, lead generation, conflict resolution etc.

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